We have a huge selection of Used Auto Parts and Salvage Auto Parts. And we can order new parts for you if we don’t have the particular part you’re looking for in stock.

You may select one of the options below to do an inventory search for the Used Auto Parts you are looking for. You may also just Contact Us and we will be happy to locate the parts for you. We have an extensive Salvage Auto Parts locator to help find the Used Auto Part you need.

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Aftermarket body panels and crash parts
R.E. Davis Motor Sales LLC has what you need. We have a huge selection of front-end parts, including engines and transmissions for you to rebuild your beauty. We’re currently offering discounted prices on aftermarket body panels, making now the perfect time to get you back on the road.

Worry-free 90-day warranty
When you purchase a part from R.E. Davis Motor Sales LLC, you have nothing to worry about. Our 90-day warranty lets you know that the part you purchased works the way it was intended to. No more buyer’s remorse!

We also offer 1-year and lifetime warranties on specific parts. Please Contact Us for more information